4 Of Our Favourite Automotive Infographics from Around the Web

As infographic designers, we’re always looking at external examples of information design, animation and interactive content, both for inspiration and just because we’re all data nerds at heart. Recently, we’ve found a common interest in automotive infographics, as they’re often trickier to design in a way that’s either innovative, or makes a particularly dull subject more engaging and interesting.

We’ve found quite a few excellent examples of automotive infographics from all over the web, and decided to share four of our favourites:

This fantastic interactive piece is from UK automotive brand Evans Halshaw, and takes you on a scrolling journey through the history of James Bond’s cars. Starting in with the Sunbeam Alpine from 1962’s Dr No, the interactive covers every one of 007’s rides up to the stunning Aston Martin DB10 in Spectre. We love the wireframe illustrations and the wonderful scrolling effects in this piece, and I’m particularly impressed with the way the team at Evans Halshaw keeps the interactive up to date by adding new cars as the films come out.

Next up is this stunning animated GIF infographic from Animagraffs.com. This is quite a unique style of infographic, although we’re finding a increase in the number of enquiries for this style of information design. Using a simple but extremely effective looped animation, this infographic shows you how a car engine works through beautiful wireframe illustrations and incredibly detailed movement. We absolutely love this infographic, and the sheer amount of time and effort involved in creating it is well worth our appreciation.

Next on the list is this deceptively simple infographic from Autodoc, highlighting the causes and signs of brake pad malfunctions. What we really like about this piece is the way the brand have taken a relatively dry, albeit important, subject and turned it into something far more likely to engage readers. Brake pads are a crucial element in how a car runs, but precious few drivers understand how they work, or how to spot the signs of brake pad wear and malfunction. This infographic serves to highlight something that could help keep hundreds of thousands of people safe on the UK’s roads, and for that reason alone it deserves a place in this post.

Last up is this beautiful side-scrolling infographic housed at FutureOfCarSharing.com. We’ve always loved the retro-themed side-scrolling style of interactive, and this piece is not only hugely informative and easy to use, but it’s beautifully design throughout. Using the left and right arrows on your keyboard, you can scroll through the illustrations to learn about the future of ride and car sharing across the world, from P2P to B2C and not-for-profit options. A beautifully illustrated and extremely well coded piece that stood out to us straight away.

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