‘Bricksy’ Series Uses LEGO to Reimagine Banksy’s Artwork

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, it will be nothing new to hear that we’re big fans of creative uses of LEGO – check out our LEGO Zombie Plane Crash or Night of the LEGO Zombies for example – so when we came across the Bricksy series, we had to share it.

The brainchild of photographer Jeff Friesen, the Bricksy series uses customised LEGO to reimagine some of Banksy’s most famous pieces of Street Art, including the Balloon Girl, The Mother of Anarchy, Haring Terrier and scores of others.

Here are a selection of our favourite pieces:

Banksy Balloon Girl








You can view the whole series, as well as the artists other works, over on The Brick Fantastic website.

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