Client Animation: Football vs. Football

As a UK-based agency, most of our team are big football fans, so we were all pleased to be approached by the makers of the hugely popular Top Eleven, who wanted to produce an animation looking at two of the world’s most popular sports – football and American football.

The NFL is big business in the USA, with millions of people tuning in to watch American football games every week. The Superbowl is one of the world’s biggest sporting events, being watched by huge numbers both in the US and internationally. Football – in particular the Premier League – is also incredibly popular, arguably taking the title as the world’s biggest sport. So which of these two sporting greats could be considered the best?

It’s a very controversial question, and one that will no doubt draw fierce opinions from fans on both sides. So to try and answer it, we took at look at some of the facts behind both sports, looking at everything from the fastest players to the biggest stadiums in this motion graphic:

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