Client Infographic: How Much Does the PM Earn?

Let’s be honest, if someone offered one of us the job of Prime Minister, there can’t be too many of us that would be overly eager to take them up on their offer. Quite apart from the potential assassination attempts and international scrutiny, the day to day challenges of being the leader of Britain must be exceptionally stressful.

One thing that might tempt you however is likely to  be the paycheque – being Prime Minister must pay well. Or does it? How much does the PM actually earn in a year? What perks come with the position? We found these questions very interesting (mainly as we realised we didn’t actually know the answers), and so decided to create an infographic examining the financial package offered to Britain’s most powerful man.

So, after some research and fact checking, our design team got to work – creating an infographic entitled How Much Does the PM Earn Each Year?




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