Client Infographic: The Evolution of Bond’s Suits

I’m pretty confident that the vast majority of men in the UK (and internationally) would love to be able to dress like James Bond – England’s most famous spy is the epitome of modern masculine style, elegance and sophistication (something that’s pretty well reflected in his success with the opposite sex).

Unfortunately, few of us manage to pull off the 007 look successfully, whether it’s down to budget or simply a lack of understanding about what fabrics, cuts, styles, designers and combinations to wear to get the look. With that in mind, we got together with Shade Station to produce an infographic look at the evolution of James Bond’s suits, sunglasses, casual looks and accessories:


The consensus in the office is that Daniel Craig is the most stylish of the Bond incarnations, thanks in no small part to the exceptional (and shockingly expensive) Tom Ford suits and sunglasses he sports in the most recent films. I don’t think you can quite top the iconic Anthony Sinclair suit donned by Sean Connery in 1964’s Goldfinger however.

As always if you’d like to repost this infographic on your own blog then feel free, just please provide a credit link back to Shade Station if you do choose to use it.

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