Client Infographic: The Logistics of The Wall

Season 6 of HBO’s much-loved Game Of Thrones is only a few weeks away from an inevitably spectacular¬†conclusion, so to celebrate what has been one of the best seasons so far we got together with George Banco to take a look at the logistics of The Wall; one of the most iconic landmarks in all of Westeros.

One of the 9 Wonders made by man, the Wall forms the northeast border of the Seven Kingdoms, and is exceeded in height only by the High Tower of Oldtown. An astonishing 800 feet (244m) tall, the Wall is over eight thousand years old and is made of thick ice, protecting humanity from the demonic Others. The Wall is such a mammoth structure that we couldn’t help wonder about the logistics of building, maintaining and defending such a defensive barrier, and so the Logistics of The Wall infographic was born:


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