Client Infographic: Which Bond Gambles the Most?

We have something of a history producing James Bond related infographics; it’s one of our favourite areas to develop content and a wealth of entertaining and interesting data. As a result, we jump at any chance to dust off the James Bond box set and create a new piece of 007 content, as was the case with one of our latest clients, Mr Gamez.

Wanting to produce a piece of entertaining but relevant content for their site, we decided to look at Bond’s well-documented proclivity for gambling. Put on any of the films at you’ll see him staking money on baccarat, poker, horse racing, golf – even fencing in the case of Pierce Brosnan, putting gambling alongside drinking Martinis and bedding beautiful women as his favourite ways to wind-down.

Combing through each of the films individually, our researchers were able to put together a list of where and when Bond gambled, as well as the game he was playing and how much he won (or lost). The result was a unique set of data that showed which iteration of Bond gambled the most, which was the most successful and what his favourite game to play is. So here is our finished infographic, which you can find over on the Mr Gamez website:

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