Client Infographic: World Cup Stadiums

We’re loving the World Cup content being produced at the moment – see the World Cup nicknames for an example of one of our favourites, or our own England World Cup history interactive – and, being a huge football fan, I’m especially pleased that we’re being asked by more and more clients to produce pieces focused on the beautiful game.

We were recently approached by a fantastic agency in Essex and asked to produce an infographic for Grassform, the UK’s leading ground protection and turf care specialists and experts in the construction of top class sporting facilities.

Given the mouthwatering combination of a client in the sports industry and the upcoming World Cup, we elected to produce an infographic illustrating all of the World Cup Final stadiums, from 1930 right through to 2014. Illustrating each of the stadiums from scratch was a particularly enjoyable challenge, and one our design team jumped at:

Want a larger version? Head over to the original publishing page on the Grassform site.

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