Client Interactive: Epic Journeys from Console Gaming

Over the last 12 months the volume of interactive pieces we’ve produced has risen exponentially; due in no small part to the increase in the number of clients willing to commit larger budgets to their content marketing campaign.

This is great news for us, as interactive content allows us to tell stories that would be difficult to tell in a more traditional, static infographic, or to create something truly unique from a interesting dataset.

Recently we were approached by online bingo comparison site Butlers Bingo, who wanted a piece of interactive content that would tell an interesting story, while remaining relevant to their gaming heritage. As a result, the Epic Journeys from Console Gaming interactive infographic was born; charting the most immersive and impressive stories told by video games in recent years:

Epic Journeys from Console Gaming
Click for the full interactive version

Although we could tell this story with a static piece, we couldn’t make it nearly as immersive, nor could we have included the value-adds such as the gameplay videos and links to online reviews.

We’re very proud of our console gaming interactive piece, and we really hope you enjoy checking it out! If you’d like us to create an interactive piece for your brand or client, give us a call on 01432 839 461 or get in touch via the contact form.

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