Designbysoap Director Featured in Advanced Photoshop Magazine

We regularly contribute articles and content to external publications, including both online blogs /websites and physical magazines / books. Over the coming weeks and months we’ve got some really exciting guest content coming through, on the likes of Telefonica, MOZ, Econsultancy, B2B Marketing and plenty of others.

This month one of our directors, John Pring, was featured in Advanced Photoshop magazine, in an article entitled ’15 Ways to Master Infographics’:

Advanced Photoshop Extract

The article features some fantastic advice from some of the foremost infographic design experts in the UK and the US, and Designbysoap Ltd were proud to be among those chosen for the 8-page feature. Each expert covers a specific area of researching, creating and promoting infographics, and John was asked for his opinion on making infographics easier to share.

Here’s an extract from the article:

In order to encourage sharing, you need to think about three main elements; the data, the design and the subsequent promotion of the artwork. The data is integral to the success of your infographic, as is the angle from which you decide to approach the information. The data should be at least one of the things: informative, educational or entertaining. Similarly, the story is hugely important – much like a journalist does, it’s better to approach and visualise the data with a story in mind.

If you’d like to read the rest of the article, be sure to grab yourself a copy of this month’s edition of Advanced Photoshop!

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