Designbysoap Teams Up With Hard Rock, Yoko Ono and Why Hunger

There are a huge number of brands we’re proud to work with and a whole host of projects we’re thrilled to be a part of, but few projects have felt as culturally significant and socially important as our recent work with Hard Rock, Yoko Ono Lennon and Why Hunger.

A few weeks ago, Hard Rock approached us about getting involved with the Imagine There’s No Hunger campaign, aimed at fighting childhood hunger and poverty worldwide, through grassroots solutions that secure basic rights to food, water, land, jobs and credit. Initially we were happy just to be involved and considered offering them a discount as it’s a charitable cause, but after a few conversations and some research on the scale of the project and the hugely important work the campaign does, we felt it our social responsibility to offer our time and expertise to the project free of charge.

So, with direction and feedback from Hard Rock and Yoko, we delivered the following infographic, entitled ‘Imagine There’s No Hunger’. If you’re anything like us, some of the statistics in this graphic should leave you shocked and appalled at the scale of hunger and poverty in the modern world:

We’re very proud to have offered our services to such a worthy cause, and extremely honoured to be associated with not only Hard Rock, Yoko Ono Lennon and Why Hunger, but with increasing public awareness of such a global and serious problem.

You can find out more information on the Hard Rock website, where you can get involved with the campaign.

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