Google Interactive Shows How the World is Searching for ‘Global Warming’

Google are pretty good when it comes to producing high quality content (which you’d expect considering the ‘content is king’ approach they advocate), and their most recent piece is one of their best yet. They’ve just released a beautiful and incredibly well put-together interactive visualisation that examines global search volumes for phrases related to climate change and global warming.

Created by Google News Lab, the interactive allows you to view the most popular search phrases around climate change, and how those search terms are trending around the world. It’s far more impressive when you see it working, so here’s a video of the interactive in all its glory:

Simon Rogers, data editor at Google News Lab discussed the motivation behind the project:

We wanted to show how this big issue looks when viewed through the lens of Google search data. Google data is so big – there are over 3 billion searches a day – that our challenge was how to make those huge numbers meaningful.

We absolutely love the usability design and the overall design of this interactive, and thoroughly recommend you spend some time with the full visualisation.

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