Google Streetview Completes Continents

Google Streetview, the GoogleMaps service that allows you to view continuous panoramas of street level activity, has been working on the range of their mapping recently. Since the launch in early 2007, the fleet of streetview vehicles have driven hundreds of thousands of miles to record roads around the world, but this latest update means you can now enjoy browsing around all seven continents. Brazil, Ireland and most interestingly Antarctica are all included in the update, so you can now cruise the beach at Copacabana, find the home of Guinness at St. James’s Gate, Dublin or see pengiuns amongst icy terrain. One of the greatest updates in this version of Streetview is the creativity with which Google is approcaching the mapping, an example of which is below. As well as using the Snowmobile streetview for mapping far off places, they are using it to bring a greater depth to US maps ahead of the Vancouver 2010 winter olympics.

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