Google Updates Toolbar PageRank

Yesterday Google updated toolbar PageRank (TBPR), with many sites seeing a change over the last 24 hours. Whilst the majority of SEO’s (rightly) don’t pay too much attention to TBPR anymore, it’s notable purely as it’s been a considerable amount of time since the update of this kind from the search giant.

The reason most decent SEO engineers don’t pay too much attention to TBPR is that it’s considered fairly out of date – i.e. it doesn’t reveal the true PR of any given page. The true Google PageRank of any page is really known only to Google, and is thought to be constantly updated. As a result, relying on TBPR as the most pertinent indicator of a website’s quality (and therefore as a link prospecting tool) can be a risky business, leaving most SEO engineers paying more attention to metrics such as SEOMoz’s Domain and Page Authority.

Having said that, TBPR updates are indicative of how any given page (or domain) is being viewed by Google, giving you a reasonable idea of whether a page is improving or declining in relative Google authority.

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