Graphic Designer Creates Superb Game of Thrones Tube Map

The amount of Game of Thrones related content to be released in the past couple of months has been incredible, demonstrating just how popular the HBO series is in both the UK and the US (as well as across Europe).

The latest – and in our opinion one of the very best – piece of content comes from graphic designer Michael Tynik, who has devised a rail transport system for Westero, visualising it in the classic style of the London tube map:

Game of Thrones Tube Map

We absolutely love the visual style employed by Tyznik, and the sheer level of thought and detailing that has gone into the design. In fact, we like it so much we’ve just ordered an A3 print to adorn the walls of our main office. If you’d like to purchase your own print, Tyznik is selling giclee prints of the map here.

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