Infographic Snapshot: Online Video Statistics 2013

Welcome to the first post in a new feature on the Designbysoap blog – infographic snapshots. We produce a phenomenal amount of infographics, video infographics and interactive infographics during our normal day-to-day work, so although we’ll still be producing those for our own blog, we wanted to come up with something slightly different, and our infographic snapshots were born.

So in our first snapshots post, we’re going to be looking at online video and its growing importance when it comes to your website. We’ve known for some time that having video on your site can increase engagement, conversions and time on site, as well as providing you with content that allows you to diversify your online marketing output. But quite how substantially online video has grown – and the incredible impact it can have on your site – has taken even the most forward thinking marketer a little by surprise.

So, without further ado, here are our online video statistics 2013 infographic snapshots:

Online video statistics 2013

The above statistic I personally found particularly interesting: 77% of global consumers watch online video of some kind – whether through their desktops, laptops, web-enabled TV’s or mobile devices. That’s over three quarters of all online consumers utilising online video, either through on-site videos or video submission/distribution platforms such as YouTube.

Now if this was a statistic about UK or US consumers I wouldn’t be too surprised, but this is global consumers – essentially meaning over three quarters of all online consumers on the planet watch videos online. There are few other statistics that portray the benefits of taking advantage of this kind of media quite as well as this one does.

Online video statistics 2013

The above statistic illustrates the most common time for people to access the web – a pertinent piece of information for anyone hoping to take advantage of the benefits of online video. 85% of people access the internet whilst watching television, with a large proportion of those making purchases during this time. This suggests that the evening is the most common time for people to go online, and with the proliferation of smartphones and modern tablets making it easier and more convenient to browse online, this is a statistic that’s only likely to increase over time.

Online video statistics 2013

When I first came across this statistic around a year ago, it was under 50% – and that took me by surprise. In 2013 however, research has demonstrated that having video on your site (particularly product videos) makes visitor 65% more likely to convert in some form or another (whether that’s making a purchase, signing up to a mailing list, etc. etc). That’s a considerable increase in conversion rates and, coupled with a 24% increase in the likelihood of someone making a purchase, it’s a valuable piece of information and one that should convince you to take advantage of video on your site, if you’re not already.

If you needed any more convincing, it’s worth noting the quick stat on the above graphic – in an average month in the UK, 30 million people will watch video online. That’s an incredible market that you should be looking to take advantage of.

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