iPad Finger Painting Masterpiece

This incredible video was created by David Kassan in his studio in Brooklyn, NY. The original three hour session was broadcast live on his website so people could watch the portrait taking shape.  This amazing painting was done with the aid of a $7.99 app called ‘Brushes’, which as you can see from the video gives you a set of brushes, tips and colours in a ‘photoshop-style’ package. With this app, a model, a few hours and an amazing amount of skill he is able to create a digital version of what looks like an old oil painting. It’s mostly down to the skill of the artist here, but it shows how excellent the touch screen interface of the iPad actually is, and almost makes it a viable option for sketching ideas on the go.
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Rob is our head of photography, specialising in architectural and music photography. He’s also a search engine optimisation engineer, often helps out with our digital marketing and loves graphic design.

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