Maile Ohye Talking About Using Google Webmaster Tools For SEO [Video]

Whilst doing my regular online SEO research, I came across a fantastic ten-minute video on the Google Webmaster Central Blog. The video, recorded and posted by Maile Ohye (Google Developer Programs Lead Technician), covers using Google’s Webmaster Tools from an SEO perspective.

Naturally, I’m always interested when someone from Google talks about SEO – although they’re not always particularly helpful in terms of revealing much about Google’s algorithm, they’re great for picking up little ideas and getting a general idea of how Google is looking at things.

This particular video looks at using certain key features within Webmaster Tools to improve your overall SEO – using the Google Store as an example. Features examined in the video include verifying ownership of your site, using the search queries function, the keywords feature, addressing duplicate content and using the HTML suggestions, plus plenty more.  A particularly useful section of the video looks at using the ‘fetch as Googlebot’ feature to improve your coding and semantic markup.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, I’m sure you want to see the video so here it is:

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