Make Your Own Promotional QR Code

There has been an incredible pace of technological development over the past few years. This is true of many markets, but can be seen especially within the mobile market. This in turn has meant that some ideas weren’t fully exploited, because in the time taken to develop the products or parts of it, the market moves on. For instance, the idea of quick response or ‘QR’ codes has been around for more than 15 years. Developed in 1994 by a subsidiary of Toyota to track vehicle parts, it is one of the most commonly used 2D barcodes in the world.
However, smartphone technology and clever marketing saw the return of the QR code in a new way. The code is printed in a public place, then photographed by users. A reader in the phone converts the information in the code and performs a range of functions. This can include website addresses, vcards and offers, and gained a lot of popularity in 2010.
Until recently, this was the preserve of big companies with budgets to match, but no longer. With a new site called Jumpscan, you can create your own QR code with all of your contact details and bio. No more swapping of phone numbers or email addresses, simply snap the code with your phone and it will save all the contact details (providing you have the reader). Have a look at ours below, and try it out:

So what kind of new marketing opportunities does this open up? The technology might still be slightly niche, and not especially business related, but the potential is definitely there. As with all technology related marketing, it may not be suitable for your business. However, it’s a technology that’s set to become more mainstream and would make a nice touch for a young progressive company, business cards perhaps?

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