Mark Zuckerberg: An Odd CEO

You expect most CEO’s (particularly those of huge multinational operations) to be pretty slick; good with questions, suave, sophisticated even. Not so these days, as the digital boom creates more and more of a different breed of CEO’s.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, is the best example of this new breed; he’s a sweaty, stumbling, question dodging wreck of a CEO and doesn’t really seem fit to be the head of a company with such a huge online market share (in terms of unique monthly visitors, and therefore revenue opportunity).

Have a look at this video below from D8 in America – when asked about user privacy (a burning topic at the moment seeing as Facebook has unbelievable amounts of data on users, something that’s extremely useful to advertisers), Zuckerberg is clearly unable to give a clear, coherent answer and is more than happy to direct attention away from the issue.

John is one of our lead designers; specialising in digital marketing, search engine optimisation, web design, infographic design and general graphic design in Brighton.

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