Nike Demonstrates the Value of Good Content Marketing

Unless you’re quite literally living under a rock you’ll be more than aware that the World Cup is well underway, and the content marketing machine has been in overdrive in the last couple of weeks churning out infographics, interactive pieces, posts, videos and any other kind of World Cup related content you can think of.

One of the best pieces of content we’ve seen so far is from Nike, who produced a fully animated 5 minute film entitled The Last Game, you can view the video below if you haven’t seen it:

The video is not only genuinely entertaining, beautifully animated and an excellent example of using content to tell a story, but it’s a perfect advertisement for the true value of high quality content marketing.

Sure, it’s hard to put an exact financial figure on the return on investment¬†of this piece, which took over 7 months and involved a production team of more than 300 people, but in terms of intangible ROI (every traditional marketers favourite term!) the value is undeniable. Everyone is talking about Nike at the moment – from the man on the street right through to high profile sites and news outlets – thanks to this video, and that level of positive brand awareness is extremely hard to attain without something truly brilliant.

Even with a brand as big and well known as Nike, the publicity, brand mentions and inbound links to their website will have a dramatic impact on brand awareness, which will inevitably have a positive effect on market share and overall sales.

If you’re more of the tangible ROI and metrics crowd, then you need only look at the video on YouTube. At the time of posting, it has received just shy of 50 million views in less than 9 days. You simply can’t argue with that.

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