How Much Would James Bond Cost The Taxpayer?

Format: Infographic

Services Engaged: Concept development, Research, Copywriting, Infographic Design, Link Acquisition

Client: Fancy Dress Costumes

Examples of links gained: Mashable, Wales Online, Church Mag, Acid Cow, Gizmodo, Hey U Guys, Buzzfeed

This static infographic was produced on behalf of, and looks at how much a real-life James Bond would cost the British taxpayer, in terms of training, clothing, equipment, vehicles and expenses.

Produced as part of the brands’ ongoing link-building campaign, the infographic was hugely successful in gaining numerous high quality inbound links to their website. The infographic not only gained hundreds of natural links and tens of thousands of social shares, but was featured on some high-profile sites such as Mashable, WalesOnline, Church Mag, Acid Cow, the official blog and numerous others.

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