WordPress: A Global Phenomenon

Format: Infographic

Services Engaged: Infographic Design

Client: Yoast

We were contacted by Joost de Valk, well known WordPress developer and founder of the Yoast brand, to design an infographic to commemorate the momentous occasion of the million download of his excellent WordPress plugin – ‘WordPress SEO’

Both WordPress as a platform and SEO as an industry are both growing daily, so it’s no surprise that a well designed plugin like the one by Yoast is doing so well, in fact we use it ourselves on the Designbysoap site! The infographic brings together some truly amazing stats in a neat and slick style to concisely display the facts. The graphic has been hugely popular and has not only gained scores of inbound links to the Yoast website, but has increased overall awareness of the Yoast SEO plugin and gained thousands of social shares.

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