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Superb Video Demystifies SEO

It’s quite rare that we include content from other search agencies (and even rarer that we feature anything aimed at beginners to the SEO industry), but after coming across this fantastic video from Essex-based agency Climbing Trees I thought it was well worth including as an example of how to use quality content to get your message across. The video does a good job of portraying it’s core message and demystifying the process of search engine optimisation (and we particularly like the ‘make good stuff’ tagline), but what really impressed... Read The Rest →

How the Panda Update Affected SEO

SEO & Design Jobs: Work For Designbysoap Ltd

For the past few months we’ve been steadily growing as a company, expanding not only our list of wonderful clients, but taking on new staff and nabbing ourselves a shiny new office. We’ve now reached a point where we’re looking to add as much talent into the team as we can get our hands on, and that could well mean you. If you’re a talented graphic designer, SEO engineer, copywriter or link-building specialists then we want to hear from you – particularly if you’ve got experience in creating awesome infographics... Read The Rest →

Are External Links Good For SEO?

External linking is one of those SEO protocols that often raises initial objections from clients; unaware of any benefits to linking out and swayed by misguided and ill-informed attempts to ‘sculpt’ PageRank, we regularly hear the same thing: “Why would I want to help someone else’s SEO by linking to them?” “Why would I link to a potential competitor when I could link to my own internal page?” “Won’t external links cause me to lose PageRank?” “Won’t external linking cause me to drop in the SERPS?” It occurred to me... Read The Rest →

Why Should You Consider SEO For Your Business? [INFOGRAPHIC]

We spend a lot of time explaining the potential benefits of SEO, as well as the general principles of the discipline, to business owners and sole traders looking to improve their online presence. As usual at the Designbysoap office, whenever we find ourselves getting asked the same questions regularly, we turn the answers into either a blog post or an infographic. With that in mind, here’s our infographic on ‘Why Should You Consider SEO For Your Business’ – feel free to use this on your own website to help convince... Read The Rest →

Improving Your Site Architecture For SEO

Site architecture is an important SEO element, and one that is often overlooked (particularly as the site grows and extraneous pages and are consistently added). You probably start with a nice, flat architecture when your website is created, but over time this architecture can easily become far more complicated, giving you pages which are far too deep and high-quality content which is difficult for your users to find. Successful site architecture is about ease of navigation for your users; ensuring that your highest quality content is easy for your visitors... Read The Rest →

How Has The Farmer/Panda Update Affected SEO?

If you’ve been following the recent SEO news with any interest, you’ll be aware of Google’s recent algorithm update. Originally known as the ‘Farmer’ update (a term coined by Danny Sullivan, which quickly permeated into general usage), due to the fact that the algorithm update was aimed at so-called ‘content farms’. In the last few days however, Matt Cutts confirmed in an interview with Wired that the internal name for the update at the Google offices was the ‘Panda’ (or big Panda) update – apparantly named after a Google software... Read The Rest →

How Can You Improve Your SEO With Social Media Links? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Following on from our post on how social media affects SEO, I thought I’d put together an infographic to better demonstrate how social media links can benefit your overall SEO campaign. As usual, let us know your thoughts in the comments and feel free to repost the infographic on your own blog or website. If you like the design or the content, please consider posting it out via the social media links below. To see the full size image (which you’ll need to do to read all the text), simply... Read The Rest →

SEO Analysis: Why Does Wikipedia Rank So Well?

If you’re regularly checking search engine rankings for a variety of different keywords, you’ll have seen that Wikipedia is one of the highest rankings sites in the World; claiming the number one spot in Google for a huge amount of keywords, from the long-tail to the hugely competitive. So why does Wikipedia rank so well? Can you outrank Wikipedia for a competitive phrase, or should you just be happy with the number 2 or 3 slot? We get asked these questions a surprising amount, by clients, interns and readers of... Read The Rest →

How Does Social Media Affect SEO?

SEO engineers have long suspected that social media elements have an impact on search engine result pages, with particular reference to Google and Bing. This suspicion was confirmed at the end of 2010, via a Danny Sullivan interview with the two search giants, published on the widely respected SearchEngineLand. So we know that search engines are taking social media signals into account, but how can you use this information to improve your own social media and SEO campaigns? In this post we’ll look at exactly how social media is taken... Read The Rest →

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