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Beautiful motion graphics and custom animation

Motion graphics are an ideal combination of audio and visual stimuli, building a lasting connection between the message and the audience. Swathes of contemporary research have suggested that video is one of the most successful content formats, leading to increased engagement, retention and conversions.

We have a specialist animation and motion graphics team, boasting years of experience in producing bespoke animations for some of the world’s biggest brands, from the United Nations to Nissan. Allowing people to quickly and easily comprehend difficult or complex information, video should be a primary consideration for your own digital content campaigns.

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Pricing, Turnaround and Additional Services

Our motion graphics starts from £1,500 plus VAT, including royalty free music, illustration and animation. In all cases motion graphics are quoted up front, with quotes based on the length of the video, the required illustrations and animations and any additional services needed. All projects come with unlimited revisions and delivery in full HD video.

Generally interactive pieces are turned around in 1-3 weeks, depending on the complexity and length of the animation. We can however offer quicker turnarounds where required.

We can offer complementary services with motion graphics, including research and data mining, copywriting and editorial, storyboarding and scripting, voice-overs (including actor hire and studio time) and full content promotion campaigns to suit your requirements. To discuss a potential commission, fill out the contact form below, or give us a call on 01432 839 461.

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