Steve Jobs Defends iPhone 4

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks for Apple, with American watchdog Consumer Reports refusing to recommed the iPhone 4, confirming there was in fact as issue with reduced reception when the phone was held in a certain way.

Apple's iPhone 4

Numerous consumers also made the same complaint, suggesting that the reception reduced considerably when an area around the bottom left of the iPhone 4 was covered by the hand.

Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, gave a press conference on Friday to address the problem, with many commentators expecting an apology and a full recall.
What they got, was almost the opposite, as Jobs defended the design of the iPhone 4 antenna and played down the issues with reception, even suggesting other smartphones suffered from the same problem

This has been blown so out of proportion it’s incredible. This is life in the smartphone world, phones aren’t perfect … practically every smartphone we tested behaved like this

The Apple CEO did offer some compensation to unhappy iPhone 4 owners however, saying that anyone with the phone can get a free case from Apple, which will solve (or at least drastically improve) the problem. For those that have already bought a case, Jobs stated they would recieve a full refund for it.

If you have an iPhone 4 and want to claim your free case, you need to go into any Apple store between now and September 30th.

Iwonder if other smartphones do suffer from the same issues as the iPhone 4, if it is true i’m genuinely surprised I haven’t heard anything about it. It seems to me like Apple rushed the release of the iPhone 4 in order to get it out before Android 3.0, and the brand has suffered for it.

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