Superb Video from Ford to Celebrate the New Ford Focus

We’re always happy to share content produced by others, particularly when it’s well developed and executed. I recently came across this superb video from Ford, using the considerable¬†talent of New York based artist Timothy Goodman.

The video, which was commissioned to celebrate the release of the new Ford Focus, takes stories from Focus owners all over the world and visualises them, with Goodman hand-drawing his interpretations of their stories onto a plain white Focus. The result is spectacular, and beautifully filmed and edited:

The video is excellent and does a phenomenal job not only of advertising the new Ford Focus, but of engaging their audience and strengthening their brand values. We love it because it’s a really strong example of how you can use high quality content to gain traction and fulfil a variety of marketing objectives. If you’d like us to create this kind of content for your brand, drop us an email via the contact form.

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