Superbowl Weekend Brings Advertising Madness

It’s that time of year again, where the entirety of America and maybe 6 or 7 people from other countries tune in for the Superbowl. The culmination of the NFL and AFC seasons come to a head in the largest annual sporting event next to the Champions League Final. It is estimated that this year the audience will be another record breaker, beating the 106.5 million from last year.

As these number reach ever higher levels, so do the fee’s that the advertising time commands. This year, one 30 second spot in the advert breaks would have cost you a cool $3 million ($100,000 a second!). Traditionally, comapnies have saved their most expensive pieces for this primo spot and the advert breaks themselves have now become talking points as well.

Audi are one of the companies that have purchased one of the slots, and this is not the only time. Head of marketing for Audi America, Scott Keogh, claims that every year they have invested in this advertising spot it has ‘over-delivered’. For this reason this is the fourth year they have bought a spot.
The company reports spikes in foot traffic and increases in sales of higher end cars (A8, R8 etc) after Superbowl advert spots. It seems that Audi has been pushed successfully into the minds of higher end, luxury car buyers, and they like to think that it’s down to this spot. They are one of six car manufacturers showing adverts this year.

(Above: Cheverolet Bumblebee Advert – Superbowl 2011)
With the trend in digital advertising on the rise, and overtaking spending on TV advertising in 2009, it is interesting to see that there are still spots that command great attention from the advertsing community. They may not all be in your target market, but the thought of reaching over 100 million people in one go is still an attractive offer to many companies.

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