Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are related to infographics, interactive infographics and motion graphics – by commissioning a project with Designbysoap Ltd, you agree to adhere to the following:

1. Unlimited Revisions

As Designbysoap Ltd offer unlimited revisions on all design projects, you agree to give us ample opportunity to get the project right should you be unhappy with the first concept. ‘Ample opportunity’ should consist of no less than five rounds of revisions.

Unlimited revisions means just that, we will continue tweaking the infographic until you are 100% happy with the final piece, subject to a ‘fair use’ policy.

2. Payment 

Payment should be delivered by the date quoted on the project invoice. By commissioning a project you agree to the up front cost quoted, and agree to make payment by the agreed date. Please note, payment is not dependent on publication of the final graphic or acceptance of the first concept. The agreed amount will be paid regardless of your subsequent use (or otherwise) of the graphic.

If no payment is made 6 months after the issuing of the invoice, a 25% surcharge will be added. Non-payment after 12 months will results in a 50% surcharge. By commissioning Designbysoap Ltd to take on a project you agree to these payment terms.

Non payment will result in legal action, where these terms and conditions will be referenced.

3. Copyright

All intellectual copyright for the final composition will be passed to the paying client once both payment and delivery is complete. The only exception to this is that Designbysoap Ltd reserve the right to publish the final infographic on website portfolio – if you do not want the infographic to be published on the portfolio, you agree to an additional ‘white label’ fee.

4. Delivery

Delivery of the final infographic will be in jpeg format for static infographics. Working files are not supplied unless this is specifically agreed to in a Statement of Work prior to the commencement of work. The preparation and delivery of working files – notably Adobe Photoshop layered files, Adobe Illustrator layered files or Adobe InDesign layered files – will incur an additional charge. With interactive projects, a zip file will be supplied with minimised CSS files. Original source files are not supplied unless this is specifically agreed to in a Statement of Work prior to the commencement of work.

5.  Turnaround Time

When the project starts Designbysoap Ltd will provide you with an approximate delivery date. Although every effort to adhere to this date will be made, we cannot guarantee that the infographic will be delivered on or before the specified day.

6. Confidential Information

If your infographic contains sensitive or confidential data, Designbysoap Ltd will in no way disseminate this data, regardless of whether or not a Non-Disclosure Agreement is signed.


We will provide you with an up-front quote for your infographic in all cases. This amount will be stuck to where possible – the only time Designbysoap Ltd will charge you more than the quoted price is when the brief is changed or additional data is added to the project.

If you have any questions regarding our terms and conditions, give us a call on 01432 839 461.