The Best Websites for Daily Infographic Design Inspiration

I’m one of those people who constantly has about 50 tabs open in Google Chrome everytime I start my computer (it always amuses me watching a staff member or one of the tech team trying to find something on my computer) – more often than not, a large percentage of those tabs are infographic design blogs and websites. I use them for inspiration, both in terms of content and design, as well as for keeping any eye on current design trends and what our competitors are doing. It’s also useful just for seeing the kind of infographics getting published by the bigger sites and for finding guest blogging opportunities, which I do on a regular basis.

So to give you your fix of infographic inspiration, here are my favourite infographic sites to look at every day:


1. Guardian Datablog

We’re big fans of the Guardian in general, and their datablog is a great example of how data visualisation can be incorporated into a serious news portal and enhance the message. Their infographics are simple, clear and beautifully put together and I regularly check in on the site just to see what’s new, as well as catching up on the events of the day.



One of the most popular and well known infographic sites, not only produce their own infographics (and features a marketplace for you to find a designer for your own projects), but they publish scores of infographics from brands and designers all over the world each and every day, making it an ideal place to find inspiration or just to have a browse. They also made Designbysoap a Certified Designer, so we know they’ve got good taste!


3. Information is Beautiful

Probably the most famous infographic design brand in existence (at least amongst infographic fanatics anyway), the Information Is Beautiful site is the official blog of David McCandless – an independent data journalist, information designer and author of the world famous Information Is Beautiful book. Beautiful visualisations, great data and some very, very interesting posts.


4. Visual Loop

Visual Loop is a constant steam of links to inforgraphics, charts, maps and other visualisations that the authors feel makes the process of understanding data clearer or simpler. They currently have just under 35,000 posts making it a wealth of inspiration and entertainment, and it’s one of my regular go-to infographic sites.


5. Infographics

This is one of my favourite infographic sites, as they regular post not only beautifully design graphics and data visualisations, but come up with some fascinating concepts and data sets. I’m not too fond of the ‘click to launch’ format they use to view the infographics (purely a personal preference), but I can forgive that when the visualisations are of such a high quality.


6. Mashable Infographics

I’m sure everyone is familiar with the Mashable website, and their infographic section has grown in popularity substantially over the last couple of years. Well worth checking out for some particularly entertaining infographics – they’ve also featured quite a few of our client infographics, so we’ll always have a soft spot for the Mashable site.


7. Cool Infographics

Run by Randy Krum, who’s something of an infographics expert in his own right, the Cool Infographics site features daily infographics and visualisations and also includes a nice review of the featured piece each day. They also publish guest blogs from infographic specialists – in fact you can see my recent post on the site here.


8. Flowing Data

FlowingData is an extremely high quality data visualisation blog that regularly featured top-notch content from some of the best infographic designers in the world. Run by Nathan Yau, the site is regularly updated and is highly recommended for data-savvy readers and those interested in effective data visualisations.


Can you think of a top infographic design blog that we haven’t featured? Let us know in the comments below!

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