The Future Of Infographics Part One: 5 Fantastic Examples Of Parallax Scrolling Websites

One question we regularly get asked by clients is ‘what’s next for infographics?’. It seems as more and more static infographics permeate the online space, the bigger agencies and brands that we work with are looking for what they think might be the future of infographics (or the future of content as a lot of our contacts prefer to say).

So to help anyone else looking for some more unique and innovative content which might stand out from your standard infographic (assuming you have a decent budget), we’re putting together a small series of blog posts entitled ‘The Future of Infographics’. So here’s the first part, a look at parallax websites. In part two we’ll be looking at interactive infographics using HTML5, so stay tuned for regular instalments.

What is parallax scrolling?

The term ‘parallax scrolling’ refers to a scrolling technique in computer graphics, utilising a pseudo-3D technique. The effect was first made popular by the arcade game Moon Patrol in the early 80’s (although it has it roots in 1940 with Walt Disney’s multiplane camera technique), and was used quite regularly in NES games throughout the 80’s and 90’s. In fact, here’s a great video compilation of NES games using the parallax scrolling technique to give you a better idea:

So, now we’ve got a reasonable idea what the effect involves, here’s five of my favourite modern examples of the technique utilised for interactive-style websites. If you’d like to commission your own parallax scrolling site, give us a call on 01432 373 673 to discuss a quote.

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Nike Jumpman


The most sophisticated example of the parallax technique, this phenomenal website from Nike incorporates multiple layers, directions and animations and is a mouth-watering instance of what can be achieved with parallax scrolling.

Bond Cars Evolution


Another superb example of the effect, the Bond Cars Evolution parallax infographic from Evans Halshaw is interactive, scrolling, engaging and informative – an ideal demonstration of one of the potential futures of the infographic.

10 Years of Intacto



This parallax scrolling website from Intacto is a interactive demonstration of the companies’ history, from 2001 to 2013. It’s a fantastic example of how the effect can be used to make otherwise less interesting information engaging and link-worthy.

Guide to the App Galaxy


The Guide to the App Galaxy from Google is a beautifully designed and illustrated site that takes example of the parallax scrolling effect to create a gorgeous resource that’s informative, engaging and hugely link-worthy.

Atlantis World Fair



This beautifully illustrated parallax website takes you 20K leagues under the sea to the lost city of Atlantis; produced by Microsoft, Paravel and some very talented designers and developers, the Lost World Fairs website was created to demonstrated the new capabilities of Internet Explorer 9.


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