The Future Of Infographics Part Two: 5 Awesome Interactive Infographics

If you haven’t already seen it, part one of our ‘future of infographics’ series concentrated on parallax scrolling websites. This week we’re looking at interactive infographics, or as some are beginning to refer to them ‘intergraphics’.

The beauty of interactive infographics is that they’re far more engaging than their traditional static counterparts, and given the number of standard infographics produced and distributed every day they tend to feel much fresher and unique to a somewhat jaded online audience (not that I subscribe to the ‘saturation point’ argument surrounding static infographics – they’ve been around for hundreds of years and I don’t think they will be going anywhere anytime soon). As a result, they can be particularly effective at encouraging interaction, be it social sharing, brand advocacy or even conversion. They’re also very useful when it comes to ensuring your point gets made successfully, as attention and memory recall are dramatically improved using the combined power of visual learning and genuine interaction with the data.

The popularity of interactive graphics has further increased with the growing adoption rate of HTML5, which is very indexable and boasts an impressive array of potential functionality, making it an ideal choice for designers and those concerned with SEO. Although it’s not just HTML5 than can create powerful interactive infographics; standard HTML/CSS and jQuery / Javascript can produce some extremely strong results, as can the somewhat outdated Flash (although internet marketers often prefer to steer clear of this in 2013).

So, enough talking about them, let’s have a look at some superb examples of interactive infographics:

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True Fish Tales


This HTML5 infographic from United Marine covers the biggest catches from around the world – whilst the data itself isn’t the most controversial or mind-blowing you’ll ever come across, the way the data is visualised and organised is superb and the interactive elements work brilliantly to display the data in the most effective way possible.

Get Tech Fit



This interactive infographic from Verizon covers how modern technology (most notably smartphones and ‘smart accessories’) can help you get fit and lose weight. The design is really nicely fitted to the subject matter and the interactive element works by animating specific segments of the infographic as you scroll down the page. The movement and interactivity really help bring the information to life and the overall effect is engaging and memorable.

The Future of Car Sharing



The Future of Car Sharing is probably one of my favourite interactive infographics of all time; partly because it beautifully combines interactive elements with parallax scrolling and partly because I can appreciate the sheer amount of effort that must have gone into creating the fantastic illustrations (the little touches and attention to detail in this piece are phenomenal). If you’re looking to produce something like this for your own brand then it won’t be cheap, but the effect is more than worth it (as are the quality of links you’ll gain from having such unique and high quality content).

Your Daily Dose Of Water


Your Daily Dose of Water is an interactive infographic from GOOD that covers how much water is used each day from the food, energy and products we use (rather than say our washing machines or showers). The data is actually extremely interesting and surprising and the use of interactivity to engage the viewer is superb – it’s also an excellent example of an interactive infographic that uses Flash rather than Javascript or HTML5.

Breathing Earth


Breathing Earth is a superb example of exactly what can be achieved with a combination of strong design, clever coding and in-depth research. The interactive infographic utilised a world map to show a phenomenal amount of information, including population numbers, birth and death rates, CO2 emissions and more – all organised by country. On top of this, the site shows you how much CO2 has been emitted, how many people have died and how many people have been born during the course of your visit to the site.

Recent Designbysoap Interactive Infographics

While we’re on the subject of interactive infographics, it seems a waste of an opportunity not to draw your attention to some of the work we’ve produced in the last week alone (yes, we produce a lot of content!)…

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Our 2013 Grand National interactive guide covers all the horses entered into the famous steeplechase, including their average odds, their number of career wins, their form, trainer and a whole lot more. It even gives you our tip for the overall winner!



Our North Korea interactive infographic looks at the current threat from the country to South Korea, the US and the rest of the world. It covers the four main missile types in the country’s arsenal, their potential warheads and, perhaps most importantly, their launch range. It also includes an interactive timeline of the tensions building up between North Korea and the rest of the world.


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