The Night Of The Lego Zombies

When I’m putting together my monthly work schedule, I love writing down two words: Linkbait development. That basically means I get to spend the day doing whatever I think is cool or interesting and trying to turn it into something creative, either for the Designbysoap website or for a client.

I love it even more when I’m given any kind of budget for linkbait projects, as I essentially get to regress into my childhood for a day and play with toys – like last month, when myself and the creative team put together our zombie lego attack scene (see why I love linkbait development days):

Hope you enjoy the photos, let us know what you think in the comments below and feel free to use any of these photos on your own blog (you’ll find higher resolution images on our Flickr account), just please link back to us if you do.

If you like the customised lego, then keep your eyes peeled on our blog and Twitter account as we’ll be giving lots of them away as competition prizes in the next few months.

Attack Of The Lego Zombies
Designbysoap creative team, 2011.


Post by John Pring – Follow him on Twitter (@john_pring)
Photography by:
Rob Thomas – Follow him on Twitter (@robgthomas)
James Watkins – Follow him on Twitter (@guerillustrate)
Claire Shannan – Follow her on Twitter (@claire_shannan)

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