North Korea has been a strange and rather isolated place for a long time now, with little open access to foreigners at all, let alone the mainstream media. Stranger still are some of the stories and propaganda that have been reported, but things have begun to take a more sinister turn in the past few months. Since The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea started producing and enriching nuclear material, and then conducting full-on nuclear tests, the world has watched on with disquiet. But how real is the threat?
It’s hard to know for sure, but with the information we do have we’ve plotted the range of the North Korean missiles so you can see the danger zones. Dont think about emigrating quite yet if you’re inside one, but it’s worth bearing in mind that you’re in potential range of a leader who’s a cross between a petulant child and a Bond villain. We’ve also included an interactive timeline of the Korean peninsula crisis, so have a browse and find out more!

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