Ways To Build Your Brand Online In 2011

New year, new marketing campaign: 2011 is the year to make your brand come alive online.  With the year already in full swing, there’s no time to waste, and with new multi-platform and social media innovations, 2011 marks the perfect time for building your brand online.

2010 may have been the year of social media, marked by Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg being named person of the year, as well as having his social media journey documented in an Oscar-nominated film, but 2011 will be the year that social media becomes the most important online platform for brand building.  As exemplified by global digital advertising agencies such as LBi and Razorfish specialising in social media as one of their many offerings, social media is not only important for brands, but is becoming vital for brand awareness and survival in an increasingly digital world.  Facebook and Twitter’s user number continue to grow around the world, while mobile Facebook users grew by 112% and Twitter users by 347% from January 2009 to January 2010.  Two ways to build your brand in 2011 via social media include creating discourse regarding your brand and market, and sharing on social media.  By creating discourse about your brand through social media, you give consumers a chance to interact with your brand on a personal level.  This familiarises them with your brand, and helps to build brand loyalty.  By creating discourse about your market, you get a better understanding of your position in the market, what your competition has to offer, and how you can improve, through the eyes of consumers.  You can also share on social media.  This means posting news articles and other information relevant to your market.  This builds your online brand profile as competent and an expert on your market, which increases consumers’ faith and trust in your offerings within the market.  Facebook and Twitter are the most obvious social media outlets in which to embark upon these brand-building endeavours, as they have the most users worldwide, and are based upon the idea of sharing and discussing thoughts and ideas.

Mobile Facebook and Twitter growth mentioned earlier exemplify the need for the next online brand-building strategy: integration.  With more people using various technological means to access online information (mobile, PC, tablet device), they need to be able to easily access your brand with whatever tech tool they happen to be using.  Your brand needs to adhere seamlessly to any online device.  This means optimising your website build for mobile, PC, and tablet browsing, and ensuring that your brand is represented naturally through each.  Besides being well presented, your brand should integrate device use in creative ways.  Including special mobile and tablet applications are a brilliant way to increase a consumer’s desire to interact with your brand.  The most important thing to recognise about digital integration is that your brand should be accessible through any technological medium.

Social media and integration are only two of many ways that you can begin to build your brand online in 2011.  Although only the first steps toward a new and improved online presence, interaction and accessibility are the foundation for any successful online campaign.


Post by Jonna Shallbetter

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