2010 World Cup: Twitter Timeline

So, the dismal kick around that was the world cup is over. Not immensely gripping, especially if you happen to be English. However, you can now re-live the past weeks in a much more interesting format; infographics! With the fact that you can ‘plug in’ to the Twitter API, stats can be taken for almost anything and people have created some wonderful visualisations of events that have happened. Here we have a complete time line of the world cup, by number of tweets. Just as a side note, the World Cup final represented the largest period of sustained activity for an event in Twitter’s history, with a peak (and new Twitter record) of 3283 tweets/second!

Designbysoap Twitter WorldCup Timeline

Copyright @miguelrios

You know we like Twitter based infographics, so check out another here.

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  • i really enjoy going through your posts here and i’ve been following from a distance but felt i should let you know. keep posting. is there a RSS feed? I just got bloglines and want to add it in there.

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