Amazing TV Show Inspired Graphics

The quality of television shows has increased hugely over the past decade, and there are now a LOT of very popular series indeed. Even President Obama, one of the most powerful people in the world, admits that his favourite way to relax is to kick back in the Oval office and watch some Homeland! So it’s fair to say that these shows are enjoying near cult status, and in turn have been inspiring designers all over the world. When you combine this with the current trend for minimalist posters, you get a veritable explosion of very cool work. We’ve picked out some of the more recent ones we like, along with a smattering of some of the classics…so enjoy!

Homeland Posters in the style of retro Jazz album covers by Mattson Creative

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Game of Thrones playing cards by Jim Tuckwell, who’s blog has some fantastic other work


Walking Dead posters, probably inspired by the great Olly Moss, from BigBadRobot




Minimalist Fringe posters by Christian Petersen at The Geekerie


Battlestar Gallactica propaganda posters available here


We love Star Wars, and we’re sure you do too, but have you ever thought what the Star Wars universe would look like as 50’s style holiday advertising? Steve Thomas has, and we love them!

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Again from the amazing Mattson Creative, a fun little look at some of the best of the Mythbusters


Finally a shout out to Tim Doyle, who’s been doing this kind of thing for years, and has some very well observed work



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