What Your Bedroom Says About Your Personality

The bedroom is arguably the most intimate and personal room in any house, and as such how you choose to dress and decorate it, your choice of furniture, whether you make your bed or not and the items you choose to leave on display can reveal a phenomenal amount about your personality.

As content specialists, we’re always fascinated by the psychology of the choices we make, both consciously and subconsciously, and what our homes (and our bedrooms) say about who we are as people is a fascinating subject. So our interest was peaked recently when we came across this new piece from JD Williams, who have compiled recent research into what our bedrooms say about our personalities, into a simple but wonderfully illustrated infographic:

Who’d have thought such simple elements – from the colour of our walls to the books on our shelves – can say such a huge amount about our personalities, insecurities, beliefs and even our relationships with other people. For example, according to the infographic, those who have a lot of purple in their bedroom are statistically intimate with their partner twice the amount of those with lots of grey in the room. Similarly, those with bright colours such as orange as more likely to be adventurous, outgoing people with liberal political views, compared to neutral colours, which suggest a conservative outlook and more of an introverted personality.

We love this piece from JD Williams, and it’s inspired us to conduct further research into what is undoubtedly a fascinating area. Got an infographic you think we might enjoy? Feel free to send it to us via email or social media, and if we like it we might feature it on the Designbysoap blog!

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