Bing Trumps Google With Street Slide

Microsoft’s Bing is set to gain yet more ground on Google with an updated version of their ‘Street View’ (and their own ‘Streetside’), called “Street Slide”.  Street Slide eliminates static single shots to create a smooth panorama; a landscape that ‘slides’ down the road with you and resembles looking out of a car window. If the video is to be believed, it looks far superior to the current jerky and jarring versions.

It is not clear yet whether this technology will be incorporated into Bing Maps, as it is bandwidth intensive, but it looks likely. This is the latest in a chain of moves by Bing that have forced a reaction from Google; firstly their video search is now easily rated as the best on the web, and their recent changes to image search forced a makeover by Google.

It should be noted that there was an enormous backlash to Google Street View, with complaints about privacy and crime, not to mention the wi-fi data collection debacle. By waiting and coming along second, Microsoft seems to have dodged all of the bad press and have now come up with a much smoother version, and judging by the video a far superior one.

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