Client Infographic: The Real Cost of Trump’s Wall


I think it’s fair to say that when it comes to divisive politicians who make it very easy not to like them, Donald Trump is in a category all of his own. The Republican presidential candidate has promoted fear and hate through a xenophobic immigration policy and confrontational rhetoric since he began his political career, with campaign promises that don’t sound like they would come from a US presidential nominee. In the last few months, Trump has promises to deport millions of illegal immigrants from the US, suggested a blanket... Read The Rest →

Client Infographic: An Introduction to the Suicide Squad


The UK release date for the highly anticipated Suicide Squad film has been confirmed as August 5th 2016, and fans all over the world have been pouring over the official teaser trailer to try and get as much information on the film and the characters as possible. Given the high level of interest around the cast, which includes Jared Leto, Will Smith and Ben Affleck, we got together with to produce an infographic guide to the members of the Suicide Squad, featuring custom illustrations of each of the main... Read The Rest →

Client Infographic: The Logistics of The Wall


Season 6 of HBO’s much-loved Game Of Thrones is only a few weeks away from an inevitably spectacular¬†conclusion, so to celebrate what has been one of the best seasons so far we got together with George Banco to take a look at the logistics of The Wall; one of the most iconic landmarks in all of Westeros. One of the 9 Wonders made by man, the Wall forms the northeast border of the Seven Kingdoms, and is exceeded in height only by the High Tower of Oldtown. An astonishing 800... Read The Rest →

Client Infographic: 20 Years of Euro Kit Evolution


It’s less than a week until the 2016 European Championships kick off in France, and to celebrate the tournament we got together with Best Betting Sites to produce the 20 Years of Euro Kit Evolution infographic. Featuring European Championship kits from England, France, Italy, Spain and Germany, the infographic uses custom illustrations to chart 20 years of kits for each country, showing how the strips have evolved over the last five tournaments (except for England, who didn’t manage to qualify in 2008). You can check out the full infographic below:... Read The Rest →

Client Infographic: A Guide to Virtual Currencies


Virtual currencies have grown substantially over the last few years, with notable examples – such as the much talked about Bitcoin – reaching incredible values as recently as last year. Although the value of Bitcoin has dropped since then (going from an unbelievable $1,124 per Bitcoin at the end of 2013 to just over $300 last month), many are still predicting that virtual currencies represent a strong alternative investment, particularly in the current financial climate. To explore virtual currencies in more detail, we produced an infographic for the excellent Asset... Read The Rest →

Who Is The Greatest Horror Movie Killer?


We love to produce our own in-house content when we get the chance, and with Halloween just around the corner a horror-film based infographic seemed like the perfect choice for a bit of festive data visualisation. So, let’s have a look at the greatest movie killers… Horror films have given us some of the most memorable bad guys in modern fiction; from Halloween’s Michael Myers to Hellraiser’s Pinhead. In this infographic we take a look at the numbers behind eight of Hollywood’s most iconic evil doers, in an attempt to... Read The Rest →

Client Infographic: Technology To Improve Your Sleep


We all know the importance of getting a good night’s sleep – from awareness and concentration to a stronger immune system and improved overall health, sleep plays a vital role in our ability to function normally in our day to day lives. For many of us however, getting a solid eight hours sleep is easier said than done, with millions of people all over the world often struggling to get enough sleep. So, to try and help people improve their rest, we got together with Search Seven and Big Brand... Read The Rest →

Client Animation: Football vs. Football


As a UK-based agency, most of our team are big football fans, so we were all pleased to be approached by the makers of the hugely popular Top Eleven, who wanted to produce an animation looking at two of the world’s most popular sports – football and American football. The NFL is big business in the USA, with millions of people tuning in to watch American football games every week. The Superbowl is one of the world’s biggest sporting events, being watched by huge numbers both in the US and... Read The Rest →

The Future of Alternative Fuel Vehicles


When it comes to choosing a new car, we used to be limited to a simple choice; diesel or petrol? Today however, we’ve got a much wider range of fuel types to choose from, including electric, hybrid and hydrogen-powered vehicles. So how do you know which is the best fit for you? What are the main benefits and drawbacks of each fuel type? This beautiful infographic from Motorparks takes a look at the history and the future of alternative fuel vehicles, highlighting the differences between and benefits of each fuel... Read The Rest →

Client Infographic: The World’s Richest People


I think it’s fair to say the vast majority of us would like to earn more money, and few of us would turn down the opportunity to be rich. But what we’d consider to be ‘rich’ or ‘wealthy’ is probably nothing in comparison to how much the world’s richest people are worth. Take Bill Gates for example, he’d have to lose nearly eighty billion dollars just to be considered your bog standard millionaire. So who are the world’s richest people? Just how much are they worth?¬†Recently we put together an... Read The Rest →

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