Client Ebook: The Complete Guide to Vision and Your Eyes

As a content development agency, the eyesight of our staff is hugely important to us (and to them), as we’d really struggle to create high quality content without the considerable advantage of being able to see what we’re doing.

Vision is unarguably one humanity’s most crucial senses; playing an integral role in almost every element of our day to day lives. Losing our eyesight, or even a slight deterioration in our vision, would have a profound and immediate impact on our overall quality of life. It’s crucial then to look after our eyes properly – something that doesn’t necessarily occur to most people, as despite its importance to our lives, it’s a sense we fundamentally take for granted.

This concept was the inspiration behind one of our most recent content development projects – The Complete Guide to Vision and Our Eyes. Created on behalf of UK online retailer Shade Station, we created an in-depth ebook aimed at teaching people how to look after their eyes and their vision, as well as giving them comprehensive information on how their eyes work, how corrective lenses work and a host of other important details.

We’ve included some examples of the content below, but we strongly recommend you follow the link above and download the full ebook – it’s completely free!

Vision and your Eyes - Shade Station Vision and your Eyes - Shade Station 2 Vision and your Eyes - Shade Station 3

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