Client Infographic: A Look At UK Spiders

As an office, we’re pretty split on the subject of spiders – the directors and most of the design team have no problem with the little critters, but show one to any of the account managers or researchers and you’ll be met by a cacophony of screams, yelps and rather amusing facial expressions.

So when we were approached by Design55 to produce an infographic examining UK spiders, opinion was split as to the tone the piece should take …. half of us argued for an infographic appreciating what makes spiders so fascinating, with the other half insisting a editorial angle of ‘how to get rid of the eight-legged menaces’ was more suitable. In the end, a rather more neutral approach was adopted – and the ‘Infographic Look at UK Spiders’ was born:


As always feel free to include this infographic on your own blog or website, just please link back to Design55 or this blog post if you do choose to use it.

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