Client Infographic: An In-Depth Look at Ebola

This week we’re featuring a client infographic highlighting the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), which has killed well over 1,000 people in Western Africa since March of this year. Given the global concern around EVD, we teamed up with Buddy Loans to produce a comprehensive look at the virus, including it’s origins, past outbreaks, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and likelihood of spreading internationally.

We worked on the research and design of this infographic, delivering a piece of content that goes into far more depth than any other ebola infographic currently available. This approach allows us not only to ensure we can effectively promote and distribute the piece, but offers genuine value to readers and news outlets, as well as to our client.

You can find the infographic below, feel free to publish this infographic on your own site, just please link back to Buddy Loans if you do choose to use it:

A-Comprehensive-Look-at-Ebola (1)

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