Client Infographic: How Much Would It Cost To Be Santa?

With Christmas now exactly one week away, most of us are turning our thoughts to last minute Christmas shopping. Whether it’s food, drink, decorations or gifts, the festive period can be an expensive one for most people, with the average UK household spending around £800 on Christmas each year.

While that might seem expensive, spare a thought for Santa Claus, who – according to research we recently completed on behalf of Serenata Flowers – would need to spend a whopping £18.9bn every year to run his operation smoothly and successfully. Looking to create a fun, engaging piece of content for the Christmas period, the online florist tasked us with putting a monetary figure on being Santa for a year, and creating an infographic to go with it.

After some feverish periods of research and some tough calculations, we found that once you factored in the number of toys needed, the logistics of shipping them worldwide, paying, feeding and housing your elves, getting satisfactory health, property, liability, travel and various other insurances and decking yourself out in a top quality suit, you would need to spend an incredible sum of money to take Santa’s role up for a single year.

With the data in hand, we set about creating the How Much Would It Cost To Be Santa infographic, which you can find below. It seems we weren’t the only ones interested in the answer either, with the piece being featured by CNBC, Yahoo Finance, The Statesman, Forbes, MSN and even the Macmillan Dictionary!

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