Client Infographic: How Technology Affects Sleep

It’s Monday morning so hopefully you’re fresh and ready for the working week, having got a solid amount of sleep at the weekend. But if you didn’t, it may be down to the technology we all use as part of our everyday lives – particularly during our downtime.

We were recently approached by digital marketing agency Search Seven, on behalf of their client Big Brand Beds, to produce an infographic related to sleep. After some preliminary research and concept development, our creative team came up with the idea of examining how modern technology affects our sleep – a problem that’s far more prevalent than you may think.

Here’s the finished infographic:


As well as concept development, research, design and illustration, we were tasked with promoting the piece online, aiming to gain as many high quality placements as possible.

With a strong concept and freedom of design, we were able to produce an engaging infographic that gained placements on TIME, Mother Nature Network, Express Online and scores of other links, dramatically improving referral traffic, enquiries and search engine rankings for the end client.

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