Client Infographic: How To Make a Hit Hollywood Film

When it comes to generating a profit, the film industry is big business. Successful films can bring in millions of dollars for film studios all over the world, making them an appealing investment for producers and entrepreneurs. But as the great William Goldman noted, when it comes to predicting which films will actually be successful, ‘nobody knows anything’.

So to test just how true this famous adage is, we teamed up with Shade Station to visualise a comprehensive analysis by The Economist, producing a visual guide to making a hit Hollywood film:

As it turns out, there is something of a formula to creating the ideal Hollywood film, it should be:

  • Child friendly
  • A superhero film with plenty of action
  • Ideally a sequel or part of a franchise
  • Announced as having a budget of around $85m
  • Released in the summer
  • Starring two lead actors with a solid but unspectacular box-office history

Follow the above formula, and with some reasonable reviews from critics and decent audience reviews, you should expect to make a profit of around $40m. Don’t expect a host of awards however, as your chances of winning a Best Picture Oscar with this strategy are about 1 in 500.

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