Client Infographic: The Real Cost of Trump’s Wall

I think it’s fair to say that when it comes to divisive politicians who make it very easy not to like them, Donald Trump is in a category all of his own. The Republican presidential candidate has promoted fear and hate through a xenophobic immigration policy and confrontational rhetoric since he began his political career, with campaign promises that don’t sound like they would come from a US presidential nominee.

In the last few months, Trump has promises to deport millions of illegal immigrants from the US, suggested a blanket ban on all Muslims trying to enter the country, insulted the grieving parents of a US soldier, promoted an ‘extreme vetting’ policy for entry to the US and even implicitly suggested someone should shoot his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton. But despite all of this, Trump remains extremely popular among a certain section of the American electorate, and one policy that’s garnished a huge amount of support is his campaign promise to build a wall along the US border with Mexico in an attempt to curb illegal immigration from that country.

Not only has Trump pledged to build this wall, but has suggested that he will make Mexico pay for its construction, saying that the country has brought ‘criminals, rapists, killers and drug dealers’ into the United States. Of course the Mexican government has categorically stated they won’t be doing anything of the sort, but Trump insists that one way or another, the money will come from Mexico. But how much money would this wall actually cost? Trump has estimated somewhere in the region of $8-12 billion, but financial and political commentators have disagreed, suggesting the Republican nominee is well wide of the mark.

So to try and clear up some of the issues around Trump’s campaign pledge, we teamed up with Real Money to produce an infographic examination of the real cost of Donald Trump’s wall:


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