Client Infographic: The World’s Richest Superheroes

It’s fair to say we love creating any kind of content, but we do admit to getting particularly excited when we’re allowed to produce something that’s a little less serious and a little more … well, fun!

Just such an opportunity came up recently when Buddy Loans approached us to create a piece of linkbait for their site, and allowed us complete creative freedom when it came to the subject matter. So, thinking about how we could link something that was firmly placed in the realms of ‘entertainment’, but still harboured a link back to the Buddy Loans daily business, we came up with the concept of The World’s Richest Superheroes:


The infographic was not only fun to create (and research), but it demonstrates how effective a campaign can be when the client keeps their focus on the end-goal (in this case, inbound links and increased brand awareness). Rather than getting caught up in brand guidelines and personal, subjective opinions (or worse, design by committee), Buddy Loans loved the concept and allowed us to run with it – both in terms of development and promotion – and were rewarded with a set of campaign results that far exceeded their expectations.

This infographic was featured by scores of high profile blogs and websites – the most notable include TIME and Shortlist – and sent thousands of additional visitors to the Buddy Loans website. This, in turn, improved their rankings and search visibility, increased enquiries and dramatically improved their overall brand awareness in the market.

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