Client Infographic: What Is The Human Body Worth As A Commodity?

Perhaps I have a rather grandiose sense of self worth, but I’ve always considered myself to be quite valuable – something I’m sure I share with a great many people in this industry. We all charge for our time, knowledge and experience, and our sense of what we’re worth monetarily comes, I’m sure, from how we bill clients for the work we do.

Something I’d never considered however, is how much the functions of my body are worth, including my internal organs. It’s not something I’d ever even thought about, let alone tried to put a financial figure on. So I was particularly intrigued when Buddy Loans approached us with an idea for an infographic – quantifying how much each bodily function and organ is worth in the current market. From the electricity our bodies produce on a daily basis and the pumping power of our heart, right through to the amounts each of our internal organs would fetch, both on the black market and in terms of legal donations.

The research was tricky but absolutely fascinating, and the end result was a piece of content that I feel is completely unique – how much the human body is worth as a commodity:

How-Much-Are-We-Worth-V2-large (1)

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