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As the UK’s leading content development agency, we pride ourselves on being able to create any kind of content you can think of – as well as our most popular services (see our infographic design page), we can produce in-depth articles, posts and guides, complex presentations (using both PowerPoint and Prezi), full ebooks (including illustrations where appropriate), white-papers, how-to guides, videos and lots more.

As well as producing one-off bits of content, we can provide you with long-term content development and marketing strategies, including producing ideas and concepts, sourcing the data if needed, developing the content and provide you with high quality promotion and distribution (or any combination of those services). We have three pre-determined packages, but we can happily tailor a bespoke package to fit your needs. Prices will depend on the type of content you’re looking to produce, as well as complexity and volume of data. To discuss your campaign and get a tailored quote, give us a call on 01432 839 461 or email us via the contact form.

Long-Term Content Marketing Packages


The packages above are for long-term content marketing strategies, including the production of a bespoke strategy unique to your brand and tailored to your industry and audience. Depending on the package you choose, we can produce between 2 and 20 pieces of content per month, including research, editorial, copywriting and content promotion. Strategies will include a wide range of content, from in-depth blog posts and guides right through to animations and interactive infographics.

Research & Data Mining


We can offer full research and/or data mining, including unique data via surveys, interviews and outreach. This ensures you can produce content on any subject, without having to worry about sourcing the information.

Please note the above prices are rarely applicable to ebooks, as these will often require substantial amount of information (unless the ebook is relatively short). In this instance, call us for a tailored up-front quote.



If you’re just looking to produce one-off pieces of content rather than longer-term content strategies, then we can offer single promotion packages, regardless of whether you’re looking to distribute an infographic or promote your latest ebook. We have three promotion packages, each offering a different approach to content promotion. To find out more about the Designbysoap approach to this element of digital marketing, head over to our content promotion page.

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